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Spread Ideas of Impact, Enrich the World of Reading
Since its establishment in 1982, Commonwealth Publishing Company has adhered to the concept of "spreading ideas of impact, and enriching the world of reading." It has published more than 4,000 titles, totaling over 38 million copies. Topics range from finance and management, psychology, social humanities, science and culture, literature and life, healthy living, parenting and education and numerous other areas. Each book gives readers the knowledge, inspiration, creativity, and practicality the need, enabling us to lead Taiwan society with international trends.

Each year, Commonwealth publishes about 120 titles including original works in Chinese, as well as translations. Our books can be seen in Chinese markets around the world. Through professional and highly creative editing and marketing, access to public opinion leaders, our publications are well-received by our readers and media alike, and have won major publishing awards both domestically and internationally. In 2015 the total number of books we published exceeded 1.5 million copies, which would the whopping height of 59 Taipei 101 buildings!

The number of books printed exceeded 1.5 million copies in 2015.

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