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Class 1

In a time of mobile learning, it is a place where dreams can be realized. Make your mobile phone the best charger for knowledge.

Class 1 brings together leaders and teachers across various industries and fields to offer online courses.

World-class content can be listened to anytime, anywhere.
Commuting to classrooms and lecture halls is no longer necessary.

To appreciate a good book, simply listen to our lecturers interpret the wisdom of the authors, add to what they have learned, and you can master the core concepts of a book.

In the form of sounds, videos, or graphics,
Listen with your ears when your eyes are busy
When you need to be quiet, read with your eyes.

Anytime, anywhere,
Make use of fragmented time and absorb systematic knowledge.

Customized for you:
Free • New Knowledge
Efficient • Audio Books
Useful, Short • Courses.

Free • New Knowledge
Quality and free content updated every day,
Helping you achieve your life-long goals, and improve day by day..

Efficient • Audio Books
1. Leading experts interpret important books: Finance, Psychology, the Humanities, Popular Science, Health, Parenthood... whatever you like, you’ll find.
2. Authors will share their most authentic and in-depth creation process and experience beyond the text giving you insight like no other.
3. International best-sellers are selected, making it easy for you to stay on top of trends.

Useful, Short •Courses
At this virtual school, there are teachers you admire and courses you need;
Teachers are available with a touch of your phone. Each lesson is merely ten minutes.

The courses help you solve problems, and accompany through your many stages of your lifetime.

With the mobile phone that is omnipresent, and with so much to learn in life, Class 1 is the most exciting, most efficient way of learning.

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