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Global Family Monthly
      October 2018 NO.40

Life, Education, Love

No matter how fast the world changes, the family will forever be our source of happiness. It is also where talent is nurtured. How to have a happy family, and how to educate our children are not only what most people aim for, but also the key to a country’s sustainable future.

We live in a busy and changing world. How should we remind ourselves of family values, and use effective and concrete ways to put these values into practice, bit by bit, and to successfully manage a happy family? How should we help parents find effective ways of parenting, so that they will be able to nurture future talent? These are the core concepts behind the founding of Future Family. Families must reassert its functions and values in the new era, and parents must play a more important role.

Future Family aims to be the best life partner for each couple or parent, and a reference for school teachers. Let us embark on the journey in creating a better future, together.

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