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In the past 30 years, Global Views Monthly has always provided honest reporting to the Taiwanese people in the most crucial moments. Since its first volume in 1986, Global Views Monthly has continuously been concerned about Taiwan, the world, the current, and the future, and has used financial knowledge to broaden the views of our people. We provide critical insights in critical times, and have created critical influence in this society. We have remained the same, even after 30 years.

Surveys (done periodically)
December 1995
Survey of Taiwan’s 25 cities and counties
June 1997
Survey of Colleges and Universities
November 2004
Survey of the Service Industry

June 2005
CSR Awards
January 2010
Environmental Heroes of Taiwan
December 2008
A+ Businesses
Interview Firsts
December 1987
President Chiang Ching-kuo
June 1988
General Hau Pei-tsun
First Country Reports
March 1990
June 2006
Topics on China
July 1988
Where is China?
February 1991
Major Move of the Chinese People
June 1992
Story of the Yangtze River

May 2009
New Mainlanders in Taiwan
July 2009
Predictions for the Year 2020
Shanghai World Expo Special Edition
Topics on Taiwan
December 1989
Searching for Taiwan’s Vitality
October 1994
New Taiwanese
July 2006
Start Your Job Hunt Today

September 2006
A Tough Ride for Students
August 2010
Taiwan’s New Glory
June 2011
Taiwan's 100 Achievements
Important News Events
September 1986
December 2006
ZARA – Affordable Luxury
February 2007
Non-aging Revolution

November 2007
International Airports in Competition
December 2009
On to Copenhagen
October 2011
Charging into Brazil