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 Global Views Survey Research Center

Socio-Economic Research Survey Center

Previously the Global Views Survey Research Center, founded in March 2006.  We focus towards issues on society, the economy, education, and culture, which are essential to the re-structuring of operations for business organizations. The Center conducts quality and unbiased research on socio-economic issues, and accepts commissioned surveys from all industries. Survey results have been used by many local and international think tanks, scholars and media, including the Brookings Institution, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Bloomberg (com)、Financial Times, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Standard Chartered, Japan’s Mizuho Research Institute, etc. Our influence has reached the US, Europe, other parts of Asia, and Australia.

Surveys done periodically include
1. National Happiness Index
2. Annual Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Survey
3. Annual Nation-wide City and County Survey
4. National Reading Survey
5. Survey of Cooperation Across the Taiwan Straits