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 HBR-Complex Chinese Edition
    October 2018 NO.146
Ideas With Impact

The English edition of Harvard Business Review was founded in 1922, and has since been the most influential publication in the business world. It is currently authorized in 13 languages worldwide with a global circulation of about 400,000 copies. In almost a century since its founding, it gave birth to many advanced management concepts that have had profound impacts on global management practices. Many well-known scholars and experts often first publish their research in the Harvard Business Review before turning these original articles into books. Some of these academics include Peter Drucker, Michael Porter, Charles Handy, Gary Hamel and Kenichi Ohmae, to name a few.

Global Views-Commonwealth Publishing Group became publisher of Harvard Business Review-Complex Chinese Edition in September, 2006. It won the 2007 Asian Publishing Management Awards’ Magazine Franchise Award. The magazine not only raises the awareness of management concepts in Chinese enterprises around the world, it also helps improve practical operations, and increases actual performance, guiding Taiwanese companies toward world-class management .HBR-CC aims to become a driving force in Taiwan’s society to move forward.

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