Use New Ways to Create the Ideal Retirement

The self should be like a product, constantly innovating!

Established in 2017, 50+ is the largest media platform in the country for those 50 years and above. As Taiwan enters an aging society, how can one make the most out of the next 30 years of life after turning 50? As the last generation responsible for caring for their parents and not relying on their children for support, securing future happiness requires conscious planning. 50+ breaks free from stereotypical perceptions of aging through its digital platform and mature learning community. 50+ Academy provides various high-quality retirement plans from both domestic and international sources, accompanying Taiwanese society pragmatically towards an ideal retirement.

We open our hearts and connect. Our daily reports cover comprehensive topics related to the mature population, and reader comments become resonant and engaging content. The community interaction is at its highest level.

We learn together. In 2019, the 50+ Academy was established. With over a thousand participants each year, it’s the largest aged community nationwide.

We play together. 50+ offers exclusive detailed travel tours and a dedicated community where travel experts share their travel experiences, contributing over 3,000 articles each month.

We transform society. By challenging the stereotypes about age, our aged street dance music video has reached 5 million views, showcasing the vitality of the 50+ age group to the world!

We realize our dreams together. We have created the 50X50 Dream Project, encouraging everyone to fulfill at least one dream each year, with a goal of achieving at least 50 dreams!

In the future, we will continue to innovate life’s plans together, hoping that when reaching 100 years old, we will look back and happily say, "Life after 50 is truly amazing!”