(From left) Economist, Charles Kao, former Editor-in-Chief of United Daily News, Tso-Ching Chang, and distinguished journalist Cora Wang co-founded Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group

In the 1970s, while teaching in the United States, Dr. Charles Kao was often invited back to Taiwan by the Ministry of Finance to offer recommendations regarding Taiwan’s economic development.

In 1979, when the US severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan, it caused widespread public fear. Taiwan had to develop its economy and accumulate substantial strength in order to overcome this difficult period. Being under martial law and information control for a long time, Taiwan’s closed society urgently needed modern concepts.

In 1981, with the Chinese concept of "intellectuals contributing to the country," Dr. Charles Kao invited Cora Wang, Tso-Ching Chang, and Diane Yin to jointly found CommonWealth Magazine, with a focus on economic issues. In 1986, Global Views Monthly was jointly founded by Kao, Wang and Chang. Global Views Monthly and CommonWealth Magazine were like brothers scaling a mountain, both determined to conquer the peak. They founded the Economics and Life Publishing Company in 1982, which was later renamed Commonwealth Publishing Company, advocating for “reading the best books to build the best society."

With over forty years of dedication, the current Global Views - Commonwealth Publishing Group is composed of fifteen business units, continuously receiving support from readers in Taiwan and affirmation from abroad.

Founder Charles Kao

Founder, Charles Kao

Born in Nanjing, Dr. Kao spent his childhood in the southern areas of the Yangtze River and moved to Taiwan in 1949. He studied successively at Taipei University of Business, National Chung Hsing University and graduated with a master’s degree from South Dakota State University, receiving distinguished alumni awards from all three schools. In 1964, he received a doctorate degree in economic development from Michigan State University and began his career as an assistant professor in the economics department at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. He was promoted to full professor and later served as the head of the Economics Department (1971–1980). He has won several honors, including the Outstanding Educator of America Award (1971), Distinguished Professor of the Year Award (1974), Wisconsin Governor's Award for Excellence (1988), and was inducted into the American Fulbright Visiting Professor Hall of Fame. He has received three Honorary Doctorates, and in April 2016, received the presidential Order of Brilliant Star with Grand Cordon.

Dr. Kao has served as Executive Yuan policy advisor, Ministry of Economic Affairs consultant, Control Yuan Advisory committee member, National Unification Council research committee member, and director of various local and foreign cultural and educational foundations.

In the 1980s, he founded CommonWealth Magazine, Global Views Monthly, and Commonwealth Publishing Company in Taiwan. He is currently the honorary chair of Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group.

Dr. Kao is a three-time winner of the Golden Tripod Award and has received the Golden Tripod Special Contribution Award. He has published over 30 titles in Taiwan, and nine in Mainland China. Dr. Kao won the first Asian Business Management Award from the Financial Times of London.

Founder, Cora Wang

Founder, Cora Wang

Ms. Wang received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from National Cheng-Chi University in Taipei, Taiwan. Her career path never deviated from professional journalism.

After serving as Editor-in-Chief of Woman Magazine (1973-1978), and Chief Correspondent for China Times in Hong Kong, she co-founded CommonWealth Magazine with Dr. Charles Kao and Ms. Diana Ying in 1980 and served as Deputy Editor-in-Chief. In 1986, she founded Global Views Monthly with Dr. Charles Kao, and was Publisher and Editor-in-Chief before resuming her current position as Chairwoman of Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group Ms. Wang is a multiple award-winner, and well respected by her journalist colleagues. She was the elected President of the Chinese Chapter of the World Association of Women Journalists and Writers