Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group (CWGV) adheres to the principle of "Reading first-class books, becoming first-class people, and building a first-class society".
Every good book and every magazine provides the impetus for societal progress.
Its high-quality content continues to receive recognition from all sectors.
It is the recipient of over 900 domestic and international news publishing awards including The Golden Tripod Award, SOPA Financial Reporting Award, Vivian Wu Journalism Award, The Tseng Hsu-pai Journalism Award, Cross-Strait News Reporting Award, Wu Ta-yu Popular Science Writing Award, etc.

1986 press conference for the inaugural issue of Global Views Monthly.

The Foundational Decade 1982-1990

Establishes Economy and Life Publishing Company, and later renamed as Commonwealth Publishing Company. The first book published was by founder, Dr. Charles Kao.
Publishes IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE, co-authored by Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman Jr., offering important insights into practical management practices for Taiwanese businesses.
“The World of Books,” a catalog sent to readers, publishes in a newspaper-style layout, establishing a two-way communication channel with readers. The catalog was later renamed "Books of the World.”
Publishes IACOCCA, and subsequently publishes the biographies of influential figures in Taiwan's economic development.
Launches Global Views Monthly, with its inaugural issue featuring the cover story "Viewing the Republic of China from the Global Stage"
Founder Dr. Charles Kao’s work THE WORLD OF ECONOMICS wins the Golden Tripod Award
Commonwealth Publishing establishes the “Work Psychology” series, which was later renamed the "Psychological Motivation” series and publishes THE JOY OF WORKING.
Publishes the biography of Chang Kuo-An, founder of Sanyang Motor, and pioneers the trend of publishing biographies of local entrepreneurs.
Global Views Monthly exclusively interviews President Chiang Ching-kuo, becoming the only domestic media that Chiang Ching-kuo accepts for interview.
Global Views Monthly takes the lead in interviewing mainland Chinese democratic fighter, Fang Lizhi.
Commonwealth publishes Fang’s book, WE ARE WRITING HISTORY, becoming the first book approved by the government published in Taiwan written by a Mainland Chinese author.
Establishes the “Global Views Series", later renamed the "Social Humanities" series, publishes works by Kuo Ting Lee and Yao Dong Zhao.
Global Views Monthly Interviews Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Hau Pei-Tsun, becoming the first media outlet in the world to interview Taiwan's highest military leader.
Publishes the first comprehensive magazine dedicated to reporting on mainland China. First discloses the IDF construction process.
The Economy and Life Publishing Company renamed Commonwealth Publishing Company
Global Views Monthly witnesses the historical moment of East and West Germany's unification and becomes the first Chinese-language media to launch a comprehensive report on Israel.
The publication of MEGATRENDS 2000 by Trend Master John Naisbitt causes great resonance.
Authorizes rights of THE JOY OF WORKING, together with 8 other titles, in simplified Chinese to Sanlian Publishing in Beijing.
Editor-in-Chief of Global Views Monthly, Cora Wang, pens General Hau Pei-Tsun’s biography, and sets a record of selling 180,000 copies in just 45 days

The Expansion Decade 1991-2000

Global Views Monthly analyzes the global situation after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
Establishes the "Holistic Thinking" series, which was later renamed the "Popular Science" series, publishing CHAOS, UNE FEMME HONORABLE, MARIE CURIE and INFINITE IN ALL DIRECTIONS etc., pioneering a new trend in popular science publishing and hosting a series of seminars in "Dialogue between Science and the Humanities."
Publishes the most influential business book of the 20th century, THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE.
TAIWAN’S 40-YEAR EXPERIENCE was authorized to be published in simplified Chinese by the Mainland International Culture Company, and the following year it was authorized to be published in Japanese by the Rengo-Shuppan Co. in Japan.
Global Views Monthly explores the Yangtze River Basin in depth, investigating ecology and industries.
The publication of SURELY YOU’RE JOKING, MR. FEYNMAN! once again sparks a trend in reading popular science books.
Global Views Monthly proposes the definition and positioning of "New Taiwanese," and was recognized with the Golden Tripod Award.
The publication of General Hau Pei-Tsun’s biography sets a record of selling 180,000 copies in just 45 days.
Publishes THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE by management guru, Peter Senge.
Releases the first Government Performance Evaluation Survey of Taiwan's 23 Counties and Cities.
Global Views Monthly’s special report, Third Generation Entrepreneurs, wins the Golden Tripod Award for Public Service in Magazines.
Publication of Master Hsing-yun’s biography printed over 300,000 copies, setting a record, and conducted a charity sale of the collector's edition offering special funds for book procurement in 12 junior high schools in Eastern Taiwan.
Publishes BEING DIGITAL by tech guru, Nicholas Negroponte
Commonwealth publishes GREAT LOVE: Master Cheng Yen and the Tzu Chi World, a true record of Tzu Chi's 30 years
Publishes titles such as REAL MOMENTS, "A RANDOM WALK DOWN WALL STREET and THE GOAL, which continue to be bestsellers.
Global Views Monthly first released the Taiwan Colleges and Universities Rankings.
Commonwealth establishes the "Literature Life" series, publishing BY THE RIVER PIEDRA I SAT DOWN AND WEPT and INTO THE WILD, entering the world of literature.
Publishes the most important work in the field of industrial research analysis by the master of competitiveness, Michael Porter, COMPETITIVE STRATEGY.
Global Views Monthly proposes “cross-century thinking” to welcome the millennium.
Commonwealth establishes the "Healthy Living" series, publishing books such as WHEN THE AIR HITS YOUR BRAIN, aiming to improve the quality of domestic medical care and doctor-patient relationships.
Activates the Group’s official website bookzone.cwgv.com.tw.
Grand opening of Café Encounter takes place.
In September 2006, signing the licensing contract with Harvard Business Review(

The Soaring Decade 2001-2010

Global Views Monthly covers in-depth, the successes and failures of Taiwanese businesses' development in Dongguan over the past decade.
Establishes Global Views - Commonwealth Book Club to promote a new trend in reading.
Commonwealth begins publishing the works of Chinese language literary authors, unraveling the truth and goodness in the world of Chinese literature.
Founder Dr. Charles Kao receives the Golden Tripod Special Contribution Award
Founded Global Kids Publishing, dedicated to publishing quality reading materials for teenagers and children, with the hope of instilling a global perspective and ambition in children from a young age.
Based on the education reform at the time, Global Kids launches its first self-created series Future Citizen Series, featuring exquisite pictures and provides a systematic approach to reading by utilizing integrated and summarized charts. It received recommendations from social elites including Ma Ying-jeou.
The Global Views Leaders Forum is founded in Shanghai, focusing on cross-strait peace and promoting communication.
Invites author of THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE, Peter Senge, for a large, 3,000-audience event in Taiwan.
Invites author of ASIA’S NEW CRISIS, Frank-Jürgen Richter, and editor Pamela C.M. Mar to Taiwan.
Publishes EXECUTION, by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan, with an initial print run of 230,000 copies, it remains the best-selling finance and management book in the publishing market.During SARS, publishes DO NOT FEAR SARS
TAIWAN HISTORY from the Future Citizens Series by Global Kids wins the Excellence Award in Children and Youth Books at the 27th Golden Tripod Awards.
Global Views Monthly launches the Taiwan Service Industry Survey to promote and implement the spirit of service.
BUSINESS from the Future Citizens Series by Global Kids wins the 28th Golden Tripod Award for Children and Youth Humanities.
Global Views Monthly launches the Taiwan Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards.
Invites Chinese writer and scholar, Yu Qiuyu, to Taiwan and organized 6 public events across the country.
Invites authors of BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, sparking a Blue Ocean frenzy in Taiwan.
ommonwealth Publishing establishes the Cultural Trends series, inviting Jenny Chen as the editor-in-chief for the series.
Forms a strategic alliance with Da Shu Culture Publishing, jointly cultivating a series of local Taiwanese nature books, setting a precedent for cooperative models in the publishing industry.
Global Kids publishes the MAGIC TREEHOUSE series bilingually, bringing popularity to children’s book series. The entire series has sold over 2.2 million copies to date.
Global Views Monthly celebrates its 20th anniversary. Interviewing from Dubai, it is the first Taiwanese media to explore the Middle East.
Officially representing the Harvard Business Review in complex Chinese edition (HBR-CC), the first issue is published in September.
Founds Global Kids Book Club, pioneering a membership system for children's reading and serving families who love reading.
Invites John Naisbitt to Taiwan and organized an event with an audience size of over 3,000.
In alliance with Kindom Construction, Commonwealth founds the Lifelong Learning Literary Community, setting a precedent for cooperation between the publishing and construction industries.
On the 25th anniversary of Commonwealth Publishing, in collaboration with the Ogilvy Group, the "Believe in Reading" campaign is launched. Ten new classic books are repackaged and put back on the market. In collaboration with DX CREATIVE HOUSE, Commonwealth developes new IP media formats and establishes DXMedia, transitioning from print to digital.
HBR-CC receives the Outstanding Magazine Licensing Award at SOPA
On July 29, CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS makes headlines in the largest newspaper in Taiwan, United Daily News: "CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS lays the foundation for Physics Olympiad to win 5 golds," igniting popularity in the field of conceptual science series.
New York Times renowned columnist, Thomas Friedman's book HOT, FLAT AND CROWDED is published by Commonwealth Publishing.
Global Kids’ MY ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAIWAN receives the Golden Tripod Award for Best Art Editing Award for Children and Young Adults Literature.
THE ELEMENT by Sir Ken Robinson is published by Commonwealth.
The SNACK SCHOOL series published by Global Kids, features vivid characters that are deeply loved by elementary school children. The series has sold over 500,000 copies.
Alike or not Alike published by Global Kids wins the Best Illustration Award for Children and Youth Books at the 33rd Golden Tripod Awards.
Invites New York Times columnist and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Thomas Friedman.
Invites Harvard University professor, Joseph Nye, who pioneered the concept of "soft power."
Founds Global Views Educational Foundation.
Global Kids’ The World of Frogs receives the Special Award for Children and Youth Books at the 34th Golden Tripod Awards and the Wu Da-You Popular Science Book Award - Youth Category
In 2013, the Group won a total of seven major awards at the Golden Tripod Awards, with its magazine reports and book publications being widely recognized for their impact and influence

The Progression Years 2011-2023

LaunchesGlobal Youth Monthly creating an inspiring, knowledgeable, and futuristic monthly magazine for the next generation.
Commonwealth Publishing simultaneously publishes STEVE JOBS with its original English edition, setting unprecedented records for the highest pre-order copies and achieved multiple unprecedented records in television advertising and marketing. The book is also awarded first place in the 2011 annual bestseller list of books.com.tw, and the Annual Sales Crown of Eslite Bookstore.
Global Kids publishes the Maze series created by Kagawa Gentaro series, hugely popular among young readers in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. The series has sold over 500,000 copies.
Global Kids’ The Orange Street Light receives the Literary Award for Children and Youth Books at the 34th Golden Tripod Awards
Commonwealth publishes THINKING, FAST AND SLOW by Daniel Kahneman
Commonwealth publishes Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen’s How Will You Measure Your Life?
Commonwealth publishes Harvard Professor, Ezra Vogel's Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China.
Global Kids receives three major awards for Children and Youth Books at the 36th Golden Tripod Awards: Tattooing the Mountain: A Story about Taiwan’s Cross-Island Highway, A Shooting Star has No Ears, and Little Monkey Looks for a Friend
Global Youth Monthly is selected for mid to high-level grade school students at the 34th Excellent Extracurricular Reading Materials Recommendation in the magazine category by the Executive Yuan's News Bureau.
Establishes Global Kids Publishing, providing nourishment in learning and development for Taiwanese youth.
Invites former US Secretary of the Treasury and former President of Harvard University, Lawrence Summers.
Invites Harvard Professor, Ezra Vogel, author of Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China.
Invites Daniel Kahneman, author of Thinking, Fast and Slow.
Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group wins a total of 7 major awards at the 37th Golden Tripod Awards.
Publishesthe bestseller, BIG DATA by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, pioneering the field of big data-related books in the Taiwanese book market.
Publishes Hau Pei-Tsun's Interpretation of President Chiang Ching-Kuo's Diaries (Volumes I & II). A veteran of the Anti-Japanese War, Hau, interprets and restores the historical truth.
Global Kids’ The Records of the Grand Historian (Shiji) series combines history, literature, and personal character becoming a recommended reading material strongly endorsed by educators. Total sales of the series in foreign markets have exceeded 5 million copies.
Founds Global Kids Monthly. Bringing together top talents and experts in the field of children's magazine, this publication aims to inspire the curiosity and thirst for knowledge of elementary school students with lively and engaging content, laying the foundation for their general knowledge and abilities.
Invites Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, author of BIG DATA.
Invites author of ON COMPETITION, Michael Porter.
Publishes Yuval Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, and received the Wu Ta-yu Popular Science Translation Award. It has since consistently topped the sales charts in major bookstores.
Global Youth Monthly receivesthe 38th Golden Tripod Award for Best Magazine for Children and Youth.
Publishes Kai-Fu Lee’s book, MY BRUSH WITH DEATH.
Invites literary figure, Yu Qiuyu, creating great fanfare in Taiwan.
Launches Global Family Monthly, advocating for education with the family at the core, and providing educational and nurturing content that addresses the concerns of parents and educators, allowing children to live up to their fullest potential.
Organizes the first-ever outdoor family picnic day, creating cherished memories of healthy and joyful moments shared with families. This event has been held annually since then, promoting a joyful and fulfilling lifestyle.
Global Kids published MAPS, which became the best-selling map book in Taiwan. It has achieved cumulative sales exceeding 220,000 copies.
Global Kids’ Small Trouble wins the Children and Youth Book Award at the 39th Golden Tripod Awards.
Global Youth Monthly receives the Recommended Children and Youth Magazine at the 39th Golden Tripod Awards.
Awards Gentleman Entrepreneur to Bruce Cheng of Delta Electronics at the Global Views Leaders Forum.
Invites Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.
Founds Global Views Creative Lab, a professional video production unit based on aesthetics.
For the first time, HBR-CC collaborates with the English edition to release the Best-Performing CEOs ranking, examining the long-term performance of Taiwanese business leaders.
Global Kids publishes the DIARY OF A WIMPY KID series, which became the most popular bilingual storybook series for young adults in Taiwan, with sales exceeding 400,000 copies.
The publication of Grand Adventures Through the Forbidden City by Global Kids brings national treasures to life, becoming a fantasy adventure series that is popular in schools and sweeping the bookstore rankings selling over 250,000 copies.
Global Kids’ Incredible Birds and Little Black Lamb Goes to School wins the 40th Golden Tripod Award for Children and Youth Books.
For the first time, Future Family Monthly hosts an international education forum, inviting renowned speakers in the field of education, both domestically and internationally, to share the latest trends in education and their practical teaching experiences. This event has received positive feedback from parents and educators over the years and continues to be held annually.
Founds 50+, the first Taiwanese media focused on the 50s-and-up age group, advocating to create an Ideal retirement with new approaches and focusing on bringing innovative retirement solutions from both domestic and international perspectives.
Founds "Class 1", the first mobile learning platform in Taiwan that primarily focuses on audio content.
Commonwealth publishes three bestsellers, Thank You for Being Late, Homo Deus, and Navigating Our Future on the World Map, and invites Thomas Friedman to Taiwan.
Establishes the Global Parenting Learning Platform, integrating Global Kids Books, Global Family Monthly, Global Youth Monthly and Global Kids Monthly publishing the highest quality reading materials for children, teenagers, parents, and teachers, operating as the most professional media platform, organizing comprehensive events, and creating a vast community of parents and teachers throughout Taiwan, and providing the best learning resources and services for parents, children, and teachers alike.
Magical Voyages Beneath the Stars: Lizard Girl & Alpaca Boy won the 41st Golden Tripod Award for Children and Youth Books.
Global Kids Monthly wins the Publishing Award for Children and Youth Magazine category at the 41st Golden Tripod Awards and was selected by the Ministry of Culture as recommended reading material for low to mid-level grade school students.
Global Kids invites Diary of a Wimpy Kid bestselling author, Jeff Kinney to Taiwan for a series of campus book events and reader meetups and collaborating with popular YouTubers for live digital broadcasts.
Global Kids invites MAPS authors Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliński to Taiwan for campus book events, and participation in the Global Kids International Forum
The first Global Views Cultural Forum is held in Shanghai, and Café Encounter-Shanghai opens in Jinshan, Shanghai, spreading the beauty of reading.
Invites Erik Brynjolfsson, author of MACHINE, PLATFORM, CROWD.
Local award-winning author Chang Man-chuan’s My Generation and Yuval Noah Harari's 21 Lessons for the 21st Century are both selected as Kingstone Bookstore's Top Ten Books of the Year.
Artist Zhang Huan’s books receives Honorable Mention at the 14th Golden Butterfly Awards.
HBR-CC selects the second biennial 50 Best-Performing CEOs in Taiwan.
Establishes 50+ Institute, the largest lifelong learning community nationwide.
The first-ever 50-year-olds and over street dancing MV premieres in Taiwan, recruiting amateurs with an average age of 55, who perform in a professional MV after street dance training, breaking the stereotypical perception of the aged in Taiwanese society.
Global Kids’ The Flyaway Tickets receives the Shanghai Children’s Book Award for Best Picture Book, selected into the Bologna Children's Book Fair - Illustrators Exhibition, and wins the Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award.
Global Kids’ The Flyaway Tickets and The General on The Stage receive the 42nd Golden Tripod Awards for Children and Youth Books.
Global Kids’ Calder, the Artist wins the Grand Prize at the 12th Taipei International Book Exhibition.
Global Family Monthly is the first media outlet in Taiwan to provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the 108 Curriculum.
AI Superpowers by Kai-Fu Lee is recommended as one of the Business and Economics Book of the Year by The Economist.
HBR-CC upholds the core value of delivering unique content to launch the PLC Online Learning Program as an enterprise learning service.
Global Kids’ Dancer Under the Moonlight and Poetry through Imagination win the Taipei International Book Fair Award.
Global Kids’ Finless: Chen Suyi's Ecological Fairy Tale and Kung Fu Frog: River River Lake win the 43rd Golden Tripod Award for Children and Youth Books.
Future Parenting introduces its own mascot on January 1st, accompanying children in reading and learning.
Global Views Monthly hosts the first University Social Responsibility Award.
HBR-CC announces the third biennial Best-Performing CEOs in Taiwan, expanding the list to the top 100 companies valued over 10 trillion NTD, accounting for 34.97% of the total market value of listed companies in Taiwan.
The team at Harvard Business Review-CC launches the HBR Leadership Program and the first Digital Transformation Award in Taiwan. It also conducts the first-ever Best Female CEOs survey, focusing on the 123 female chairpersons among over 1,700 listed companies in Taiwan.
Global Creative Lab spent four years filming the documentary of Venerable Master Hsing Yun which wins the Documentary Award at the Portugal International Cultural Heritage Film Festival.
The 50+ Life Encyclopedia E-newsletter is published, featuring one theme per issue, providing practical knowledge and information for those over 50. A sponsorship system is introduced, inviting readers to support the sustainable operation of a high-quality content platform.
Launches the annual New Year’s Eve event A Feast of Knowledge, welcoming the New Year with readers through learning.
Black Hole Catcher by Chen Ming-tang wins the Best Non-fiction Book Award at the 45th Golden Tripod Awards.
Chiang-Sheng Kuo wins the 8th United Daily News Prize with his two literary works: Why Not Be Seriously Sorrowful and Life Goes On
The 50+ special report on Survey of Age-Friendly Cities receives the Silver Award for Most Influential News in the Online New Media Category.
Introduces the nation's only digital knowledge archive with Global Youth Monthly and Global Kids Monthly, designed exclusively for children. These multimedia platforms integrate digital and print media for interactive reading experiences. All issues are searchable, providing children with a safe and reliable search environment. Considered as the best tool for self-directed learning.
Global Family Monthly transforms from a paid monthly print magazine to a free digital edition called Global Family Weekly, available through subscription. Every Wednesday, it offers high-quality educational and nurturing insights as well as hot topics for discussion.
Global Views Leaders Forum celebrates its 20th Anniversary.
The English version of the Harvard Business Review celebrates its 100th Anniversary, selecting 30 timeless articles, compiling them into a book, HBR at 100, the complex Chinese of which is published by Commonwealth.
50+ launches an online academy, as the first online learning platform dedicated to the senior population in Taiwan. The same year, it launches the 50+ Talk podcast program. Through innovative media, it advocates for and spreads ideas with impact, beneficial to the elderly.
Future Parenting celebrates its 20th Anniversary, announcing the latest trends from the Nationwide Children's Reading Survey.
Establishes the Future Parenting Online Academy, becoming the best learning companion for families through tailor-made video courses for children.
Global Kids’ Unstoppable Learning Power achieves annual sales exceeding 60,000 copies and honored as the 3rd best-selling book on the annual Chinese book bestseller list by books.com.tw.
Global Kids’ The Innocent Virus wins the Best Children and Youth Book Award at the 46th Golden Tripod Awards.
Global Kids Monthly receives the Best Children and Youth Magazine Award at the 46th Golden Tripod Awards.
The DIARY OF A WIMPY KID Live Show invites best-selling author Jeff Kinney for an online real-time book launch party with nearly 2,000 young readers in Taiwan across different time zones.
The Leadership Impact Institute is established, and the inaugural lecturers include entrepreneurs Bruce Cheng of Delta Electronics, Miin Wu of Macronix International, John Hsuan of Clientron Corp, and Chong Chiu of Error-Free. Former Chairman and CEO of IBM Greater China, D. C. Chien, serves as the Dean of Studies, and Professor Daisy Hong serves as Guest Lecturer.
Global Views Monthly’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award is renamed Global Views ESG Corporate Sustainability Award.
Global Kids invites Piotr Socha, the renowned Polish illustrator of The Book of Bees and The Book of Trees to participate in the Taipei International Book Fair, and to Taoyuan City to share creative methods with vocational students.
Future Parenting releases the first Favorite Brands for Families Survey.