Harvard Business Review – Complex Chinese Edition

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Harvard Business Review – Complex Chinese Edition (HBR-CC) has been exclusively licensed by Harvard Business Review since September 1, 2006.

The English version of the magazine was established in 1922. Globally renowned scholars and experts such as Peter Drucker, Michael Porter, Charles Handy, Gary Hamel, and Kenichi Ohmae published original and timeless articles in the Harvard Business Review. Over the past century, the magazine has nurtured many advanced management concepts, authorized in over 14 countries, translated into 13 languages, and has had a profound impact on global management practices, becoming the most influential publication in the international business world.

Starting from 2019, the Personal Learning Cloud (PLC) offers a new form of on-the-job learning for the new century. By integrating the PLC, it tailors suitable and diverse training maps according to the needs and behaviors of Taiwanese corporations. This breaks through the status quo of passive learning commonly found in traditional Asian enterprises, providing a comprehensive solution for talent cultivation planning in Taiwanese organizations.

CHAT GPT has sparked an AI frenzy. As machines continue to evolve, the next crucial management issue will be: what is the relationship between humans and machines? And how should this relationship be managed? This issue of the magazine explores the forces that will significantly impact the human-machine relationship in the future.

This book compiles articles published by management guru Peter Drucker in the Harvard Business Review, enabling managers to understand what responsibilities they should undertake, how to work effectively, and make decisions.

Many businesses have achieved success by adopting Clayton Christensen's theory of disruptive innovation. This book compiles his articles published in this magazine, explaining the essence and application of this theory.

Ranked first in the business management category of Taiwan's APPLE PODCAST, it precisely captures the key trends of Harvard Business Review for professional managers and business administrators, allowing for quick absorption of business thinking and easy acquisition of Harvard knowledge.。

Harvard Business Review has accumulated a century's worth of management knowledge to form the Personal Learning Cloud (PLC), which has become an increasingly popular treasure trove for companies to train their employees' skills. It allows knowledge to be grounded, becoming one’s ability and power!

Adopting the unique case study immersive teaching method of Harvard Business School, starting from corporate practical scenarios, linking classic management knowledge. 50 cross-industry leaders gather, guiding leaders to think outside the box and strengthen decision-making.

Continuing the brand DNA of the Harvard Business Review that values deep learning, adhering to the philosophy of "learning, sharing, sustainability," connecting platforms, promoting interaction and exchange among members, and continuously aligning with international management knowledge.

Since 2016, HBR-CC has adopted the survey method of the US edition to evaluate the performance of local business leaders. It is held every two years to select the most resilient and competitive business leaders.