Café Encounter

A Gathering of Humanities, a Cultural Landmark in Taipei

In June 2006, founders of CWGV, Charles Kao and Cora Wang launched Café Encounter. The space was designed by Eric Yao, a well-known interior designer, and the logo calligraphed by the renowned calligrapher Tong Yang-Tze. The Café has become a cultural landmark in Taipei, where humanities flourish. It embodies the essence of human culture and warmth of the space, offering a myriad of surprises within its walls filled with books, inspiring speeches, book clubs, delicious coffee, and endless imagination. It continues to explore the fascinating sea of knowledge and the various wonders of life through reading.

Book Launch: Han Pao-teh ‘s Ten Lectures on Architecture, July 2012

Han Pao-teh is the main helmsman leading the trend of modern architecture in Taiwan in the 20th century, prompting local architecture to align with the trends of international modern architecture.

Aesthetics of Life: Bamboo Ware Exhibition, June 2018

The town of Zhushan is renowned for its abundant bamboo resources and top-notch bamboo craftsmen. Master-level bamboo craftsmen and young creators are invited to host design workshops to share their experiences.

Artistic Feast: Handwritten Spring Couplets, January 2022

Invited a resident artist from the art village, Teacher Joker, to demonstrate on-site traditional Chinese calligraphy and teach everyone how to write spring couplets, introducing them to the aesthetics of traditional characters and adding festive joy to the occasion.

Saturday Book Club: Something Only You Can Do, April 2022

Invited the author to share the entrepreneurial journey of the Better Milk brand, and how they utilized their expertise in veterinary medicine to lead a retail revolution for white cow's milk.

Parent-Child Reading Club: Storytelling by Chiang Meng Yun (CATFISH), October 2022

The author shares stories on the spot, utilizing the illustrator's expertise to depict the protagonists in a picture book, connecting the story scenes, and sharing the unique spirit of picture book creation.

Annual Book Sale, December 2022

Through the annual book sale, a year-end reward for readers, we attract numerous parents and readers to the event each year, picking out good books to start the New Year.