For over 40 years, Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group (CWGV) has been committed to spreading ideas with impact.
With the accumulation of printed magazines and books towering over the height of 1,600 Taipei 101 skyscrapers, CWGV is dedicated to the intellectual advancement of Taiwan and the Chinese-speaking world.

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Global Views - Commonwealth Publishing Group (CWGV) was established in 1982. It is the most credible, influential, and internationally oriented cultural enterprise in Taiwan and the Chinese-speaking world, with MBA (Media, Books, Activities) as its primary scope of business.

Global Views Monthly, Harvard Business Review - Complex Chinese Edition, Global Youth Monthly, Global Kids Monthly, Global Family, 50+

Commonwealth Publishing Company, Global Kids Publishing Company

CWGV hosts over 300 events annually, including the Global Views Leaders Forum, New Year’s Knowledge Feast, and International Masters’ Forum, all highly regarded and valued by the industry, government, and academic sectors.

The highly credible Global Views Survey Research Center, the aesthetically centered multimedia team Global Views Creative Lab, the high-quality audio platform Class 1, the cultural landmark Café Encounter, and the dedication to promote lifelong learning at Global Views Educational Foundation, together further integrate with other business units within the Group, leveraging significant synergies.

In 2023, the Leadership Impact Institute was established, inviting exemplary leaders and elites to personally teach and share their leadership wisdom in decision-making, accelerating the transfer of invaluable knowledge and experiences.