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Established in March 2006, at a crucial moment of change in Taiwan, Global Views Survey Research Center, founded by Honorary Chairman Dr. Charles Kao and Chairman Cora Wang of Global Views- Commonwealth Publishing Group has received significant recognition. Using scientific and professional survey methods, the Center reflects and analyzes public perceptions on policy issues, social trends, and matters concerning people’s needs and well-being. In response to the strategic needs of government departments and renowned domestic and international corporate clients, the company offers diverse research methods including corporate list surveys, telephone surveys (including mobile surveys), face-to-face interviews, online surveys, and focus group discussions. The research findings have been frequently cited, serving as a reference for domestic government agencies and being referenced by international think tanks, scholars, members of the U.S. Congress, as well as TIME (Asia Edition), The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, Voice of America Chinese website, and other internationally renowned media outlets in their reports and discussions.

Mayor Satisfaction Survey

Mayor Satisfaction Survey

Through various aspects, Global Views Survey Research Center explores the subjective satisfaction of the public, reflecting the genuine feelings of the citizens towards the governance of the mayors and their teams.

Public Sentiment Survey

Public Sentiment Survey

Investigating the true voices of the Taiwanese public, conducting public sentiment surveys on cross-strait relations, international politics and economics, and the performance of political figures.


Companies' Favorite College Graduates

Since 2016, we have been conducting an ongoing evaluation survey targeting human resources and recruitment managers of publicly listed companies in Taiwan.


County and City Competitiveness

Collecting statistical data from various agencies, evaluating the competitiveness of counties and cities from aspects such as economic employment, education and culture, environmental protection, public security, fire protection, medical health, quality of life, finance, and social welfare.


ESG Corporate Sustainability Survey

The earliest CSR evaluation survey promoted by a Chinese-language media, it is the longest-standing and most credible CSR award in Taiwan. In 2022, it was officially renamed the ESG Corporate Sustainability Award.


Top University Rankings

Starting from 2017, the calculation and collection of indicators for the ranking have been carried out. Through continuous updates and adjustments, the rankings are able to adapt to policies and current conditions, enabling the identification of the best universities for that year.


Taiwan's 100 Top Performing CEOs

Following the model of the Harvard Business Review, based on two financial indicators during each CEO’s tenure, data is collected collaboratively by the Harvard Business Review Complex Chinese Edition, Global Views Survey Research Center, and the National Sun Yat-sen University College of Management.


Taiwan’s Top Performing Female CEOs

The United Nations introduced the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), one of which emphasizes gender equality and the empowerment of women. In order to understand the landscape of female leadership in Taiwan, a collaboration was established with the Harvard Business Review Complex Chinese Edition to conduct the first-ever 'Top Performing Female CEO' survey across Taiwan.